Cori Leste | Founder

Cori is a product designer and mom living in Bend, OR. Her passion for design and building products and services that people love resulted in the creation of Bout It. Inspired by the vibrant artwork of the craft beer world and the inability to easily purchase merch for her husband’s favorite breweries, she created a way to bring the amazing craft beer art to a wider audience while also solving some of the pain of operating a merch business for breweries. 

With over 18 years experience as a product designer with companies like Meta, Walmart, Nextdoor, Sony, and many years of experience building early-stage 2-sided marketplaces; she applies her unique blend of skills and insights to her mission of helping fans celebrate the craft breweries they love. 



Justin Leste | Beer Drinker

Justin is an attorney and dad living in Bend, OR. Previous to his recent career change, he was a chef and butcher with years of experience in restaurant operations, food safety, and product development. His passion for food –especially working with whole animals and creating charcuterie, pickles, and preserves– has influenced his deep respect for the craftsmanship of the craft beer industry. It's probably no surprise that he’s a huge beer nerd and the inspiration for his wife to create this business. When he’s not working his day job as an attorney at a wind energy firm, he can be found exploring the many fantastic breweries all over Oregon (and searching for his next favorite brewery tee).